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Four simple and cheap ways to revamp your garden

Four simple and cheap ways to revamp your garden

Summer is here which means that you are spending more and more time in your garden. 

While the sun is what you are there for, you may notice that your outdoor space is a bit drab without any colour or comfort. 

So how can you transform your outdoor space into something special?

Plants and pots

One easy way to really change the feeling of your garden is to add some unique plant pots which will add real personality. 

Whether it be our range of multicoloured pots or our more traditional ones, there are plenty of options.

Barrel planters are very popular at the moment, and we have found that a lot of our customers really value that more rustic look. 

There are many types of pots for you to choose from though which can really change the dynamic of your outdoor living space. 


Garden furniture is vital to changing the feel of your outdoor space, and comfortable seating can really make a difference.

You are far more likely to spend time outside if you are comfortable. Reading a book with a glass of wine is far more relaxing with a comfortable seating arrangement. 

While the Lombok garden set is perfect for conversation, you may want to consider our zero gravity sun loungers

The loungers are very comfortable and are perfect for catching a tan - the only issue is that you might fall asleep! 

Outdoor activities

BBQs and fire pits have been a lifesaver during the Covid pandemic, as people have been spending more time at home. 

Our cast iron fire pits are the perfect size for parties and will provide heat during the evening when it gets a bit chillier!  

They are also perfect for roasting marshmallows. 

If the fire pits aren’t for you, then you might consider a traditional BBQ

BBQs are the perfect way to feed a large group of people while keeping everyone socialising together. We have a wide range of choices for you to consider. 


The other thing to consider with your garden is how you plan on lighting it up in the evening, and we find that the best option for our customers is always solar lights.

Solar lights require no maintenance, and rely on the sun to power themselves through the night. That means there is no cost involved once you have purchased them.

Check out our full range of solar lights here.  

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