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Why you should have a bee hotel in your garden

Why you should have a bee hotel in your garden

One third of the wild bee and hoverfly population are in decline, and if that trend continues, the UK could lose some of its bee species all together.

Therefore, it is important that the UK public do something to help those insects that are pivotal to our ecological structure. 

A bee hotel is the perfect way to help, as it will encourage solitary bees to visit your garden and collect nectar from the flowers in your garden.

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The bee hotel should be positioned in a sunny area, facing towards the south/south east. You can hang it up using a nail or a screw. It is vital not to let the bee hotel swing or sway in the wind as bees are not the best at landing!

Heat from the sun will help warm bees in the morning and this will also help prevent the components from going mouldy. Place your bee hotel at least one metre above ground level to ensure no vegetation is blocking the tunnels.

Plant bee-friendly flowers underneath your hotel to give them a nearby food source. It is best to plant a variety of flowers and plants which will provide pollen and nectar throughout the year.

Bee’s may not take up residence in your first year, but they will use your hotel if you have some patience. You will know when they are taking residency as the entrance to the tunnels will become block with mud or leaves. 

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